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About Me Who Am I

My name is Katie Quinn. I am a CFO business consultant. My goal is to give you a clear path to becoming more profitable.

How can we serve your business?

Do you feel overwhelmed, overworked or caught in a catch 22 where you need more revenue?  Are you at a loss on how to find that cash in your own business?  If you started with a wonderful vision for the business but the day-to-day challenges of budgets and spreadsheets are overwhelming, I can help!

I will help you make small but very effective changes so you feel rejuvenated and excited about the next steps in your business. 

A Bit More About Me

I have been working for over 20 years as an experienced bookkeeper, entrepreneur and self-starter with small to mid-sized businesses and in real estate. I have done all the transactional work for middle management and worked my way up to Senior management, including CFO positions. My curiosity to understand how each business is unique is what sets me apart. I want to know where the cash comes in and where it goes!   

While running my own accounting and bookkeeping firm, I discovered the two questions all my clients have. How do I increase my profit and where does the money go? 

I have the answers! 

We will create tasks, goals, budgets and have fun! We will remind you about why you started your business which will re-energize you and your business and get more money in your pocket!   

I work with businesses in two ways: 

My favorite businesses to work with are businesses with $500,000 up to 15M of revenue – this is where I excel. We work together with your current accounting team to move the business forward. 

The micro businesses need different sets of tasks, goals, and skills. We work together but typically this engagement would be between the business owner and myself. This takes time and commitment but the dividends will pay off.

Let's talk about how I can help you